China and China are looking to expand their collaboration to improve their wellness meats market

Chinese and Chinese firms are looking at a potential merger to bring together the two largest meat marketplaces in the world, according to industry sources.

A Chinese and a Chinese-led consortium of companies are working on a joint venture that would provide Chinese-language nutrition information to Chinese consumers, said the sources.

The new venture, called “The World Health Organization, China Health and Food Institute (CHFHI), will help China’s health authorities identify and develop health-related technologies and improve China’s wellness meats markets.

Chinese food giants have been struggling to capture the consumer appetite for vegetarian, vegan and non-GMO foods, as China grapples with an expanding meat-based diet and a rise in cases of chronic diseases such as cancer.

Chinese companies have been increasingly targeting the meat market since 2016, when the country launched a new market for processed meats, but they have struggled to compete with domestic meat giants such as Japan’s KFC and South Korea’s Wonburger.

This new joint venture could offer China’s meat markets more visibility and help them gain more market share, the sources said.

China Health and Foods Institute (ChFHMI), which was founded by the country’s National Health Commission (NHC), aims to bring nutrition information and advice to Chinese customers via mobile, email and social media.

It has already launched a Chinese portal,, that provides users with nutrition information on various foods, with the aim of encouraging consumers to follow their dietary and health preferences.

The CHFHI website has also been updated to include information on products from companies like KFC, Wonburgers, and Kashi, among others.

In a recent blog post, CHFMI founder and chief executive, Li Yang, said China’s new market was one of the top three in the U.S. and had become the “biggest health information market in the globe” by 2020.

Currently, China has over 40 million registered dietitians, the majority of whom are women, with about one-third of them in the countryside.

According to CHFHAI, the two-year partnership with the CHFHSI would “provide China’s dietitian community with information and services to increase their understanding of health, promote diet, promote health, and promote health.”

The new joint initiative would be a joint effort between the CHFI and CHFHMI, Li said in the blog post.

China Health Industry Research Institute (CHIRI) The CHIRI has also said that CHFHEI is “working on a range of initiatives, including an extension of its partnership with CHFFI to include the Chinese-speaking population.”

The Chinese government also said in a statement that the CHFAI and CHFAHMI would work together to ensure the country maintains its global leadership in nutrition.”

China is a world leader in food innovation and has been able to attract investment in new, sustainable food-producing technologies, which are key to the development of the global food system,” the statement said.

The CFI and CFBI are working to promote and advance plant- based food products to help the Chinese people better manage their health and improve their quality of life, they added. “

This is a joint initiative by the Chinese Government and the Chinese Food Industry Research Institutions,” they said in their joint statement.

The CFI and CFBI are working to promote and advance plant- based food products to help the Chinese people better manage their health and improve their quality of life, they added.

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