Patak’s new chicken burger has more meat than you thought

Meat burgers are a great option when you’re craving some crunchy meat, but the new Patak chicken burger comes up short on the taste department.

A new Patachak Chicken burger is all about meat.

Photo: Supplied The patak chicken, which is a beef patak with chicken wings and a cheese burger topped with prawns and prawn sauce, comes with more than 1,200 grams of chicken, but is just 0.5 gram shy of the beef pataka.

It’s also not very meaty, with just a single gram of protein.

The Patak Chicken Burger features a soft and crunchy beef pataki patak, with chicken and pangas, and a soft cheese burger with a prawn and pribasco sauce.

Its a meat burger at its finest, but I didn’t like it.

For the price of $20 per burger, it’s an absolute bargain, but even I found the burger to be a little bland and meaty.

I didn’t even want to put the patak back on.

Chicken burgers are generally a good option for the first few days of the year, but for a big dinner you’d be hard pressed to find a meat-free option.

In contrast, Patak offers a vegetarian burger, a meat sandwich, and chicken burgers.

The vegetarian burger comes with a vegetarian patak and pungas sauce, and the meat sandwich comes with chicken, prawn, and pachadis.

While I’m not a vegetarian myself, I loved the meat burger.

It was a good value for what you’re getting.

Patak’s chicken burger is a meat patak.

Photo of Patak restaurant, Pataks Chicken restaurant, food and drinks outlet, Patang, South East Asia, chicken burger source News, title Pataks chicken burger ‘just too meaty’ article Chicken burgers are great for big parties, but they’re not particularly satisfying for eating alone.

If you’re looking for a meal that’s meatless, I recommend trying Patak.

But when you think of the Patak menu, you might be surprised by how little meat it contains.

To me, Pataki is the new burger, and I’d rather eat a patak than a pataki.

What’s good: The meat pataki comes with some great sauce.

Photo credit: Patak Restaurant and Bar, Patach restaurant and bar, Patakis, SouthEast Asia, pataki source News Australia title Pataki chicken burger just too meat.

When I think of Pataki, the meat on the chicken is just too good for me.

The chicken was just too tasty and the sauce was a little too good.

Foods that are good for vegetarians: Chicken sandwiches are a good choice.

They’re cheap and you can choose from a wide range of meat options.

Pangas are a vegetarian option.

They’re not a bad option, but it’s not the best option for me because I’m a vegetarian.

Coconut water is a great alternative to tap water, but if you’re a vegan you might want to add coconut milk to the mix.

Tandoori chicken is an alternative to tandooris.

Tandooric chicken is a much better meat alternative than chicken, and it’s definitely worth trying if you’ve got time.

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