The Best Maplewood Meat Market in Ottawa

Ottawa, ONTARIO – February 20, 2018 – The Maplewood meats market has been one of the busiest markets in Canada for a decade, and is still one of Ottawa’s favourite places to shop for fresh meat.

In fact, this year’s market has grown from only 2,000 people in 2016 to over 50,000 now.

This year’s Meat Market will be hosted by the Canadian Centre for Food Safety (CCFS), which is responsible for the safe handling and sale of meat.

The Maplewoods first meat market opened in 2003, and it has been an ongoing operation for the past three decades.

The meat market is a small, family-run business that specializes in fresh, local meats, including venison, lamb and beef.

In the past few years, the market has expanded to include poultry, pork and eggs, with a selection of fresh fruit, vegetables and other meats available as well.

The main selling point of the Maplewood Market is its meat, but it is also known for its fresh-cut vegetables, fresh fruit and the occasional veggie burger.

This month marks the 10th anniversary of the meat market opening, and the store is expecting more than 200,000 visitors for this year.

In addition to meat, the Maplewoods store sells a wide range of produce and other items, including frozen produce and a variety of fresh meat products.

The store sells both fresh meat and packaged meats, and offers a wide variety of specialty meats including veggie burgers, pulled pork, smoked turkey and more.

The Canadian Centre of Food Safety has been in the business of protecting and conserving the health and welfare of people and animals for over 25 years.

Through its Food Safety Program, the Canadian Center for Food Security is responsible on behalf of its members for the safety of consumers and animals.

Contact: Emily Tse, 613-874-3388, e-mail: [email protected] The Canadian Center of Food Security (CCFSS) is a nonprofit organization that provides public health education and information to the public about food safety.

For more information, visit www.ccfs, and

The National Association of Meat and Poultry Show (NASMSP) is an annual trade show that features the top poultry, beef and pork producers and processors in the country.

It takes place March 10-12 in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

This event is the largest poultry and beef trade show in North America.

The NASMSP is an independent organization and does not endorse, support or sponsor any products or services discussed on this website.

For all information about NASMsp, visit their website at

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