When will the farmers meat market open?

The meat market is to open in January.

It will be the first meat market in the country to open under a new management.

It will open in a location close to the old one and will be able to sell meat from the farms and local meat producers in a way that is accessible to the public.

The opening will come amid a shift in the market’s business model, as the new management is focused on providing the meat market with better quality, which means that more of the meat will be sold to the general public.

The market will also have a different name and brand from its old name.

The farmers market is also expected to be a hub for the new farmers market.

This is not the first time that a farmers market has opened in the capital.

The previous one opened in February in the city’s main square.

The new farmers’ market is being set up in conjunction with the new government.

This will enable the government to help in building the market, and it is expected that it will be a part of the new capital’s development.

There will also be a cultural centre on the site, and the market will be used for events, performances and festivals.

In the long run, this will help create a new culture and the new farmer market will allow for a lot of local food to be sold in the area.

This will help boost the economy, said Anastasios Papadopoulos, the chief executive of the city-based agricultural development company BKG, who is also a member of the cabinet.

He said that in the past, the market has only been used to buy the meat and vegetables that were exported from the country, but now, the meat that is exported is being sold to local farmers.

He added that with the introduction of the farmers market, the city will now have a market that offers fresh and affordable food to the citizens of the capital, as well as provide an outlet for the local food producers.

The city council approved the proposal to open the farmers’ markets in February.

The plan was put forward in December and was approved by the Greek government on March 29.

The government had hoped that this would be the start of the market being used to sell local meat, and a market where the local people could shop.

The market is expected to sell approximately 150 tonnes of meat annually, and will also serve as a source of fresh local produce for the city.

In addition to the meat, the farmers markets will be selling a variety of produce, including eggs, beans, potatoes, vegetables, fruit and meats.

The idea is that the market could provide a way for the people of the Greek capital to eat local food and also provide a source for their daily needs.

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