Which animals are safe to eat?

The answer, for now, is no one’s business but your own.

That’s why the meat industry has put up its hands.

It says it wants to make sure you don’t end up with a meat product that looks or tastes bad.

But it’s unclear if it’s just a request to make meat taste better, or whether it’s actually serious about making the world’s meat safe.

The UK government has set the standard of safety for meat, which it calls “a global standard” in an attempt to make the world healthier.

But the EU and the US are both moving towards a more restrictive standard.

Meat is being labelled safer, but it can’t be labelled safe unless it meets certain criteria.

It has to be raised or processed according to “the highest quality standards” and be treated with respect, with no traces of pathogens in it.

These standards are being set in part by the US, which is also in the process of moving towards mandatory labelling.

In Australia, we’re in the middle of a nationwide meat recall, which has forced the meat market to be shut down.

That recall is being run by the Australian Meat Standards Authority (AMSSA), a government body that oversees meat industry practices.

In December, a spokesman for the organisation told the ABC that the meat recalls were part of a process of ensuring “that we are ensuring the safety of the industry”.

The government is still in the midst of a meat recall in the US after a farmer’s son died in a meat plant accident, which led to a government recall in Europe.

The country is also currently in the throes of a beef recall.

But these recalls are part of an industry-wide recall that started after a study by the National Academy of Sciences found that animal products raised in conditions that cause illnesses or deaths in humans can contain high levels of E. coli bacteria.

The US has also been facing a meat safety crisis, with a record number of outbreaks in 2016, including a large outbreak in California.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is set to hold a meeting next month to update the country’s animal health standards.

It is expected to make a decision on whether to extend the recall.

The meat industry is also pushing to put a mandatory labellers on all meat.

This would require producers to use the letters “X” or “XZ” on their labels, and would require labels to say which animals are “high risk” or have a “risk to human health”.

But there’s been a growing backlash to mandatory labels.

There’s also been a surge in people coming forward with complaints about the quality of meat in the UK.

One of the first things that prompted a lot of people to come forward was the meat scandal.

That story broke in January, and was followed by a similar one in the Netherlands in February.

But both of those stories were followed by calls for people to tell the authorities about bad meat.

In April, a letter was sent to the food regulator, the Food Standards Agency, asking it to “immediately” review the standards for meat.

The letter said that there was no longer any doubt that “the health and welfare of our nation’s animals are being compromised”.

The letter also said that “meat quality and safety are under constant threat”.

“There is no doubt that the quality and welfare … of our national food supply are being undermined by the use of dangerous and dangerous meat products,” it said.

It’s not clear how the new standards will affect the UK, which currently has a zero-tolerance policy for E.coli contamination in meat.

But some experts are concerned about how far the industry is willing to go.

“The fact that we’re having this debate and people are having this discussion, that’s encouraging,” Dr Andrew Coyle, a meat scientist at the University of Reading, told the BBC.

“But I think there’s a lot more work to do before we get to the point where people can actually put pressure on companies to do more.”

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