‘I’m not worried about meat’: The beef-eaters at Bellville meat markets say they’re not worried by the beef meat scandal

Bellville, Georgia — — A growing number of meat eaters are not worried at all about a meat scandal that has engulfed the meatpacking industry and the food industry.

It is unclear exactly how many meat eater are concerned, but some are calling it a crisis.

The meat scandal in Bellville was initially reported by The Washington Post, but has been gaining traction in other outlets like CNN.

A local newspaper, the Bellville Times, reported that dozens of meat processors have been under investigation for allegedly cheating on inspection standards and other safety issues.

In a phone interview with Fox News, a former Bellville manager said the problem with the inspection standards is far more systemic than just the meat industry, and not limited to one company.

“The meat industry is like a system, where the quality is the product, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, you’ll do things wrong,” said the former manager, who asked to remain anonymous because of the sensitive nature of the matter.

He also said there’s no doubt that the meat suppliers are doing something wrong.

The former manager said that the industry is a system that relies on subcontractors who are not inspected.

“That’s the problem, they don’t have inspection,” the former employee said.

“I know of no place that would hire a person to do that.”

When the former meat manager was asked if there’s any evidence that any meat industry subcontractors were cheating, the former worker responded, “I’m sure they are.”

According to the former management employee, there have been instances where the meat processing plant has had trouble with its inspection procedures, and that’s caused a lot of problems.

“We have seen that [in] other facilities that have been impacted,” the source said.

The Bellville plant has been cited in several complaints filed by the federal government, including one in which it admitted to falsifying inspection reports and failing to inspect its workers in the months before the plant was forced to close in April.

The plant is also under investigation by the USDA for possible violations of federal animal welfare laws and for failing to provide workers with a safe working environment, according to a statement from the USDA’s Office of Inspector General.

The investigation is ongoing, and the plant is still operating, according a USDA statement.

Bellville meat producers have already been fined $1 million by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and are under federal investigation for potential violations of food safety laws.

The investigation into the plant has also been called into question by a former federal judge, who said that while he was “not convinced” the meat plants violated any laws, there are still issues with inspection procedures.

The USDA investigation into meat plant allegations, however, is still ongoing, according the USDA statement, and there is no indication that the agency is going to take any action against the plant.

In the meantime, a large number of the meat eatters who are worried about the meat scandal are saying they’re taking steps to avoid buying meat from the plants.

The company, which also owns Bellville’s only grocery store, is offering free grocery items to customers who have purchased a package of meat at one of its restaurants, including beef jerky, pork ribs and pork chops, according on its website.

The owners of the Bellesville meat plant have also said that they will offer free delivery of meat to customers that want to eat at the plant, and will also offer free deliveries of meat and meat products to the general public.

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