‘Gigantic’ New York City Gigafactory Will Be Built to Supply 100 Percent of U.S. Power Grid by 2027

Posted by TechCrunch on November 10, 2018 12:02:22The Gigafactories are among the largest in the world and will create up to 3,000 direct jobs and another 2,000 indirectly, according to the U.K.-based energy company.

A recent survey by consulting firm McKinsey found that the Gigafactor’s capacity to supply a full U.N. electricity supply is around 1.8 million megawatts.

It’s also expected to create more than $1 billion in new jobs.

“There is an enormous demand for power and the Gigabots are the answer to that,” said Gigafence’s chief executive, Richard Taylor.

“They will be providing the electrical infrastructure for the entire world.”

The Gigabot was launched in November and will be installed over the next three years in the United States and Mexico.

Its creators are also planning to start construction on another facility in Germany.

The Gigabottons are located in the U