Biggest meat market to close after slaughterhouse closure

A giant meat market on the edge of town that has become the epicenter of a $10 billion meatpacking industry that has seen hundreds of animals die in slaughterhouses has closed, according to a local government official.

The giant meat and poultry market at the corner of New York Avenue and Wabash Avenue in New Hyde Park is the largest in New York City, and the latest in a string of closures across the country, which has been fueled by the federal government’s efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

The meat and chicken market at a stretch of the West Side Highway in Queens was the last to close earlier this month, according the local government.

The market had been on the verge of closing, but after a $5 million renovation last year, the market was able to reopen and have reopened, said Mayor Joseph Lhota.

In September, the city approved a $100 million plan to renovate the area.

The city had planned to move the meat market from the current site of the slaughterhouse to the nearby parking lot, but a permit for the renovation had not been granted until now.

The permit was expected to be issued next month, but the government delayed it until May, according a city spokeswoman.

The slaughterhouse will remain open, but its slaughterhouses will be moved to another location and the city will sell the meat at a profit.

The slaughterhouse has been a mainstay of the local meatpacking business, which is the most profitable in the state, and it is the reason the city had been planning to move it, according Phil O’Neil, the mayor’s chief of staff.

He said the city plans to sell the surplus meat to other meatpacking companies.

“I think this is a big deal,” said Mr. O’Neill, who added that it would have been cheaper to move and sell the slaughter house to a larger meatpacker.

The city’s decision to shutter the slaughterhouses came after months of pressure by animal welfare groups and the New York State Legislature.

The state’s legislature is considering legislation that would ban the slaughter of animals for food, but many meatpackers say that’s unlikely to happen before a bill is passed by the state Assembly.

The new meat market was supposed to open by the end of the year, but local officials said they decided to close it after the state’s inspection process for meat processors failed.

The inspection process is one of the most rigorous in the country and requires the slaughter houses to have the latest equipment and procedures.

The meat market is also the site of one of New Hyde Parks most iconic landmarks, a 19th-century brick building that was built in 1872 and is named for the former owner, George New Hyde.

The building, along with several others, are being torn down to make way for a new meatpacking plant, which will include a $1.5 billion, mixed-use development that will include restaurants, hotels and a grocery store.

The new plant is expected to open in 2019.

A spokesperson for the New Hyde Development Corporation, which owns the building, declined to comment.

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