‘I was never like this’: My dad’s cancer story is finally being told in his own words | New York | 14 January 2016

A year after his diagnosis, David Thomas was ready to move on.

He’d found his way to New York, where he’d finally settled into a life in which he could focus on his new job, an assistant in the family restaurant.

But Thomas’ father, Michael Thomas, had been diagnosed with prostate cancer, and Thomas and his mother, Joan, had to leave their home in rural New Hampshire.

He was told he’d have to move away.

“It was very tough for me, because I knew that if I stayed in the same town I’d be homeless and living on my own,” Thomas says.

The family, Thomas says, “made a pact with God” that he’d make the most of his life. “

But then my dad was able to live on a $3,000 a month pension, and he was able help Thomas with his bills, as well as help him manage his cancer treatments.

The family, Thomas says, “made a pact with God” that he’d make the most of his life.

But even when he found work as a restaurant manager, Thomas was forced to take on debt and had to rely on his mother to make ends meet.

The transition “You have to kind of sit back and let everything slide,” he explains. “

You’re like, this is my job,” he says.

The transition “You have to kind of sit back and let everything slide,” he explains.

“If you’re not able to do that, it can feel like your life is slipping away.

It’s very difficult.”

But Thomas was able in time to take the plunge and find a job as a waiter at a local diner.

It was a big step forward for the family.

The experience taught Thomas to “live his life on his own terms,” he said.

It also gave him a sense of purpose, as he learned to navigate his disease and his own life.

“That’s been a big lesson for me,” Thomas said.

“Now I don’t have to worry about making a lot of money.

I can do whatever I want.”

He has since gone on to work as an independent contractor for a food truck in New York City and has become a certified chef.

“For me, I really just learned to be myself and not have to make a lot, either,” Thomas told me.

He also learned to appreciate life’s more everyday things, like a visit to a local grocery store.

“To go back to my old life, to be able to go to a place like the local grocery and just be like, This is my life now,” he added.

Thomas has been a consistent worker in his new career, and now he has his sights set on moving on with his life and the future of his family.

He is working on a book about his dad’s recovery and hopes to publish it in 2019.

Thomas plans to make the book about the life of his father, and has even asked his daughter to narrate it.

He hopes that his story will inspire others to live their lives with more dignity, more respect and more dignity for themselves.

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