What do you eat at Bloomington’s new vegan steakhouse?

Bloomington is the latest in a growing number of cities to offer vegan restaurants, and the latest to offer a meat-free option.

The meat-filled eatery, which opened in the historic neighborhood on Sunday, has garnered a lot of buzz.

But the restaurant’s vegan menu has been underwhelming.

Owner Rebecca Evans, a vegan herself, said she and her husband thought the menu would be more appealing to carnivores.

Evans, whose father was a butcher, said they decided to create a menu that was more for vegans.

She said they started by asking the butcher to make a few vegan-friendly changes and then expanded to include vegan options such as quinoa, tofu, and tempeh.

They added an entree section to the menu.

Evans said the menu was mostly inspired by the menus of New York City’s beloved Meatpacking District.

“It was kind of a cross between vegan and meatpacking, but with a meat focus,” Evans said.

The restaurant offers meat-and-potatoes dishes and other vegetarian dishes, as well as meatless entrees.

Evans and her staff have been serving vegan-centric fare for a few years.

She hopes the menu will appeal to diners with the meat-centric nature of the restaurant, as opposed to the more meat-friendly vegan menu at other eateries.

The veg-friendly menu has also attracted some interest from the likes of New Orleans and the Midwest.

Bloomington will open its vegan steak house this month.

The first three months of its existence, the restaurant has had no problems selling out.

“We’ve had people come up to us and ask us if we were vegan,” Evans told The Jerusalem Times.

“They’re saying, ‘I’ve never eaten vegan, but I’m going to try it.'”

Evans said she hopes her customers find her restaurant “really interesting.”

She said the wait staff are also welcoming to customers, adding, “I think a lot more restaurants are embracing that they are not vegan, and we’re not vegans.” 

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