‘I have never seen so many people at a barbecue’: Meat market manager dies of illness

A butcher who died after suffering a heart attack at a meat market in the Philippines says he has never seen such a large crowd at a butchering event before.

The butcher, identified only as Manolo, was a regular at the Nambuay restaurant in Manila where he was working as a butcher.

Manolo had just finished finishing off a pig when he collapsed on the ground.

He was taken to the hospital where doctors discovered he had suffered a massive heart attack.

Manoli’s wife and four children, who are also employees of the restaurant, rushed to his side and began CPR, but he died soon after.

Manolos wife told The Associated Press: ‘When we saw the ambulance, we thought he was dead.

We didn’t expect this.

‘He didn’t speak and there was no explanation for why he died.’

Manolo was a meat shop manager who worked in the Nacional Food and Veterinary Center.

He had been working at the restaurant for just over a year when the incident occurred.

Manolis wife, Yolanda, told the Associated Press that her husband had worked at the market for just two weeks, but had been hired on the spot.

She said that he was always friendly and always helped out customers.

She also said that Manolo liked to sell his products to the customers.

He told them that the meat was his passion, and said that they should pay attention to what they put in their mouths.

He also said the meat should be made from grassfed cattle and should have no additives or preservatives.

In a statement, the Nag-Sapin food processing plant in Manila said: ‘The family of Manolo is deeply saddened by the loss of their dear husband.

‘Our thoughts are with his family and friends.

The family will continue to hold Manolo in our thoughts and prayers.

‘We will be working closely with the family in their time of grief.’

The family is being asked to visit the market tomorrow, where they can visit the butcher’s family and meet the family members.

Manolicos brother-in-law, who was with the butcher when the accident happened, said: ‘(The owner) said he had not been there in five years.’

The butcher’s son, who works at the butcher shop, said he was shocked to learn of the accident.

He said: ‘[He] said he saw Manolo fall over and get out of the meat shop.’

Manolis family has asked for privacy while they grieve.

Heather Baca, a member of the Philippine Association of Meat Dealers, told AP that Manoli had worked there for two years.

‘The butcher told us that he had come from the area where he lives with his father, who is from the same village.

‘My father told me that he never thought that Manol was going to die, but Manolo has passed away,’ Baca said.

The AP also reported that the Nangang branch of the National Association of Pork Producers (NAPPP) said Manolo worked for them for about six months in the past.

‘In my view, this incident is deeply saddening to the NAPPP, which is the national meat market for Filipinos,’ NAP PP president Luis Rojas told AFP news agency.

‘It is our deepest sympathies to the family of the butcher, and we call for the immediate release of all persons who may have been involved in this incident.’

A spokesperson for the Napa City meat market said the butcher was still working there.

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