Milan coach: No ‘lack of discipline’ in transfer dealings

By Football Italy staffThe Nerazzurri’s transfer dealings are a mess, says Milan coach Massimiliano Allegri.

The Rossoneri’s transfer policies are so poor that they have given up on the Champions League after the second leg of the Champions’ League final against Bayern Munich on Sunday.

The Milan vice-president is so worried that he is calling an emergency meeting of his team on Tuesday morning.

“There are no problems at all,” he said.

“The only ones that are really worrying me are the transfer policy and the situation in the club, because we have such a problem with the club.”

I can see the problem that is coming to the surface now.

There are many questions about the transfer market, not least because we need to be prepared for a big season.

“At the same time, we have to be calm and look forward to a big, big season, because a lot of things happen in a week.”

Allegri was speaking after the Rossonerio announced a €5.5m payment to Bayern for the player of the year award, a €3.5million transfer fee for Mario Balotelli, a transfer for a second-division player, a loan fee for Carlos Tevez and an undisclosed sum for Mario Mandzukic.

Milan signed Mandzuka from Napoli in the summer for €4.2m, which is now worth €3m.

“It was a nice transaction and we want to continue it, but there are many reasons why we made this decision, which are not easy to answer,” Allegri said.

“The transfer policy was poor.

There is no reason why we cannot continue to make good things happen.”

The Neras have not won a league title since 2007 and have lost two Serie A titles since 2014.