How to kill a coyote in the backyard with a dog collar

A coyote is not a cat, but it can be killed with a collars made from a dog’s fur.

With these devices, a hunter can capture the coyote with a collar, then shoot the coyotes head to kill it.

But how do you get one in your backyard?

A local coyote expert says the only way to kill one with one collar is to buy one.

John Horsman, a wildlife and wildlife-management consultant in Victoria, says people can buy collars online and get them at stores like the one in New Brunswick, but they have to be properly fitted.

Horsmann says the collar has a hole in it so you can easily fit it into the dog’s mouth and use it as a gun.

You can buy the collars at a variety of locations, including pet stores, and can also find them on Amazon and other online retailers.

They’re $29.99 and $38.99 respectively.

“You can’t buy it at a pet store.

It’s expensive and it doesn’t have a good reputation,” Horsmans said.

“They don’t make it in this country.”

Horssman says he doesn’t recommend buying collars from pet stores as they aren’t approved by the province, and they may be misleading.

The government says pet stores must not sell collars to people under 18 years old.

Hensley said pet stores aren’t responsible for collars being used to kill animals.

He said pet shops are only responsible for what the store has been told to do.

Hinsley says that the provincial government doesn’t enforce these laws.

He says that a pet retailer in B.C. had to shut down for breaching these laws and was fined $1,200.

A pet retailer said in a statement it has since removed the product and issued a recall of the product.

Housman says there are also a number of online retailers selling coyote collars that are misleading.

He warns people to be wary of online sales.

Hines says people need to be aware of what they’re buying when they buy them.

“I would say it’s a safe bet to use a dog and coyote collar together, but be careful,” Hines said.

Hennes says the collar is a bit heavy, and you have to wear it under the dog collar to protect the dog from the collar.

He recommends people avoid using it on dogs that have not been fed properly, and to wear a mask.

Hours said the best place to buy coyote-killing collars is at pet stores and other pet stores that are certified to sell dog collars.

He also recommends people check out his website

He encourages people to contact a licensed wildlife rehabilitator in their area.

“There are a lot of people who are getting these collars, so they’re probably not going to be able to use them themselves, but if they find out that someone else has done this, they can help them out and get rid of the animal,” Hennes said.

The Canadian Wildlife Rehabilitation Association says it has received more than 150 calls about coyote kill-coats.

“We’ve had people calling and saying they can’t get rid or can’t keep the animal, and that they’re going to have to get a coyotes collar and put it on their dog or cat,” said John Smith, the association’s executive director.

Smith says it is important for hunters to keep their dogs away from coyotes.

“A coyote has been around a lot longer than any human, so it is very important that we get rid as quickly as possible of coyotes,” he said.

He believes that coyotes need to move from the backyards of hunters to the frontyards of other wildlife.

“It’s just a matter of time before we see a coyot on a human and they’re very effective at that, so we need to protect those animals as much as possible.”

The province says it’s trying to educate people about the risks associated with using collars on coyotes and coyotes, and how to properly handle and use them.

Smith said he encourages people not to try to kill coyotes with a coyotle.

He advises people to wear masks, and don’t use them on dogs and cats.

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