Why does the BJP want to take on the BJP?

The BJP, on Thursday, came out with a statement, expressing its strong opposition to a “vulgar, offensive and misleading” tweet by BJP MLA and former minister Ram Manohar Lohia.

The BJP was reacting to a tweet by Lohias former home secretary Ramesh Singh from the organisation’s Twitter account, saying that if an Indian Prime Minister was killed, he would have been lynched.

The tweet was deleted, but the BJP’s account posted it again, this time saying, “In case of the BJP, no such thing happened, the entire incident was a ‘victory for freedom’.

Ram Lohiya has made a derogatory and offensive tweet.

We will not tolerate such actions.”

The tweet came in response to a series of tweets by Lofia which, on Wednesday, had tweeted, “It’s a sad day when one of our leaders loses his life in the name of democracy, human rights and Hindu values.”

The tweet was subsequently deleted, however, and the BJP has now issued a statement saying that it will not allow Lofias tweet to be used by other political parties.

Lofi, the party said, will not be allowed to misuse his political position for personal gain.

The statement, issued by L ofia, also said, “If the Prime Minister had been assassinated, the Prime Ministers name would have also been removed from the list of victims in the event of a massacre.

In the case of such an event, the Chief Minister would be the Prime Minster.

In such a situation, it would be a political decision to remove the Prime Ministry.

This is an issue of national security, the highest priority.

We do not accept that such a person could be made to have any role in any manner.

We condemn the derogatory tweet.”

The BJP had also said that Lofial had been a vocal critic of the party and had even accused it of being a “jihadi party” in a tweet on Wednesday.

Lohi had said that the party is not “anti-Muslim” and would not support any kind of religious or political boycott of India.

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