When meat is a problem: Why is meat banned?

Meat, a major component of the diet of many Australians, is prohibited from sale in most places, except in a handful of tightly controlled areas, including parks, universities and military bases.

In some states, the restrictions are relaxed, and in others, they are more strict.

Meat, however, is still allowed in a few restaurants, including at some popular eateries, like The Australian, where staff are required to wear masks and avoid touching animals.

It is also allowed in some supermarkets, where there is no requirement to wear a mask.

Some states have also taken an official stance against the consumption of pork and lamb, saying they are not a source of animal cruelty.

“If you go into any meat processing plant or slaughterhouse and you touch the animals, that is a felony,” Victorian state MP John Williams told the ABC in August.

“They’re not allowed to be alive or alive and living, so it’s a big red flag.”

In other states, meat is permitted to be sold in small quantities at some restaurants.

There are also laws that allow the sale of beef, pork and chicken.

But in some states where beef is not banned, such as Tasmania, it is not considered an agricultural product and it is legal to sell it to the public.

A ban on pork products is common in Australia, but it is a more limited practice.

In NSW, pork is only sold to licensed retailers.

“The pork industry is very small, there are only around 400 pig farmers in the state,” Mr Williams said.

“And they’re all doing very well.”

In Victoria, the meat industry is still one of the largest, accounting for around 40 per cent of the economy.

A similar situation exists in Tasmania, where the meat trade accounts for around 10 per cent.

Meat is also prohibited in some parts of the country, such in Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia.

A meat industry statement released by the Australian Meat Industry Association in July 2017 said that there was a significant amount of evidence to support the ban on meat and that the industry had been operating responsibly for decades.

“In Australia, there is evidence that pork consumption has increased significantly since the introduction of the meat control measures in 2002,” the statement said.

It added that a ban would “ensure the safety and welfare of Australian consumers”.

The ban on beef, lamb and pork was introduced in 2001.

It prohibits the consumption in Australia of all animals, including pigs, calves, lambs, turkeys, horses, goats and sheep.

Pork is a source meat for the beef, sheep and cattle industries.

Meat and poultry products include chicken, turkey, beef, duck, pig, pig and pig products, and dairy products.

The animal rights organisation, PETA, has argued that meat is an animal product that has the potential to cause suffering, as well as causing damage to the environment.

The organisation has called for a ban on all meat.

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