Bologna’s beef slicer ‘could be on the chopping block’

LONDON — LONDON (AP) Meat slicers are on the menu at the heart of British beef, but the technology used to produce them could be on a chopping block.

The Journal reported Thursday that Bolognes meat slicers could be at risk as the market for the machines has slowed.

It cited industry experts who told the newspaper that a shortage of meat could mean the industry is “caught in the middle” of a meat market downturn.

Bolognans beef slicers use a high-speed electric cutting mechanism that turns raw meat into the “slices” of meat.

The technology has become a big seller as demand for meat-slice-eating machines has surged in recent years.

It was the first commercial meat slicator to be licensed by the European Union.

The UK has the second-largest meat-processing market in Europe.

The meat-slicing industry has become one of the biggest employers in the country, with a fifth of the country’s total employment.

The European Union banned the use of the meat slicors in 2013 because of the high cost.

But some of the machines still make their way into the U.K., where they are used to make meat from veal and lamb.

Meat slicer maker Taggard Foods Ltd.

declined to comment.

Bistro Bolognie, the biggest maker of Bologns meat slicators, has said it is exploring alternatives.

It said last year it will begin phasing out its meat slicing process in 2018.

The British Meat and Poultry Association says the technology is popular in Europe, where it is used to trim, slice, or shred meat from a variety of animals including beef, lamb, turkey and pork.

The industry is expected to grow by 30% in the next few years.

The association says the industry’s exports are worth more than $30 billion a year and are projected to grow to more than 2.4% of the U,K.s total trade turnover in 2019.

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