‘They are like two different animals’: Ferenc Puskás comments on Real Madrid’s new contract

Ferec Puskas, Real Madrid coach, has been asked about Real Madrid signing an extension with Cabelas Meat Grinder.

The Slovenian coach is also on record saying that he is not surprised by the decision of the Spanish club, and has been vocal in his criticism of the player’s transfer history.

Puskas told reporters on Thursday that the agreement was not a “deal for the sake of it”, and that the deal was “more than that”, and would benefit both sides.

“This is an important moment in the history of Real Madrid,” he said.

“It is a good thing for all of us.”

Puskás, who has been a regular critic of Real’s transfers over the past few seasons, also said that the signing of the players would not affect the team’s performance on the pitch.

“The new contract will help us achieve the goal of winning the Champions League and to get back into the Champions’ League,” he told reporters.

“Real Madrid has to do what is necessary for the club to be successful and we will do that.”

We are still working on this, so we will keep this in the back of our minds.

“PewDiePie has been an outspoken critic of the transfer dealings of Real, with the star regularly calling for the Spanish side to take the money and sign a top-class player, with Real having recently announced that the Brazilian, Neymar, is now a target.

Real Madrid have already signed Gareth Bale, James Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo for around €200 million in recent years.