How to get a vegan burger at McDonald’s? 5 things you need to know

If you’re new to the idea of vegan burgers, you’re in for a shock.

While McDonald’s is no stranger to being branded as a ‘meat-eaters’ outlet, this isn’t the first time McDonald’s has tried to distance itself from its vegetarian offerings.

But with its recent launch of the first vegan burger in the UK, McDonald’s may finally be making the transition to a healthier food option for its customers.

The company is rolling out the first of its own vegan burgers on Friday, and it’s already been embraced by those who are more than happy to eat something that’s not as processed and animal-infused as McDonald’s famous burgers.

It comes as McDonalds continues to promote its burgers as being vegan by using a simple tagline: “a new menu every week”.

“We’ve been making changes to our menu to make it easier to get to the vegan burger, but at the same time we’re constantly improving,” McDonald’s marketing manager Rachel Brown told Business Insider.

“There are new items being added, we’re making it easier for people to find vegan options.

We have more veggie options on the menu, so you’re not limited to only meat options.”

The veggie burgers are available in the Happy Meal and the Happy Meals and are also available in a variety of flavours and on the McRib, which has been rolled out across all the McDonald’s outlets.

The burgers are being launched on Fridays, which marks McDonald’s first attempt at an all-vegan burger since the start of 2016.

The burger, which is called the “McRib”, is being launched at all McDonald’s locations in the US and UK, and has already been enjoyed by more than a million customers in just three days.

McDonald’s says it will roll out a second McRIB in the coming days.

The Happy Meal is a burger with a choice of cheese, lettuce, tomato, lettuce tomato sauce and tomato sauce with cheese.

It has a vegetarian option and also has a vegan option.

The McRig is the most popular of the McPizzas and is available in all McDonalds US, UK and Ireland restaurants.

It is also available at other outlets.

While it’s a simple name change for a vegan McDonald’s McRim, Brown said it’s not meant to be taken as an endorsement of the brand.

“We’re not really saying this is a vegan version of a McRip, it’s just an example of how we’re trying to be more inclusive in our menu choices,” Brown said.

“We’ve always had a commitment to being more inclusive and not catering to people who would rather eat meat than vegan.”

The first vegan McRimb is a mix of grilled chicken, vegan cheese, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms and lettuce, with a crispy fried patty.

McDonalds says the Mcrib is the “best way to try vegan burgers”.

The McCrubs are a mix between burgers and fries, with an option of cheese or a mix with lettuce, tomatoes and mushrooms.

McDonaldson said the McCrub is the ‘cheapest and best option’ for a ‘low-calorie, low-calorific’ option.

“McCrubs is a delicious mix of burger, fries and vegan cheese.

You can enjoy this on a sandwich or on a bun,” Brown told us.

The McDonald’s Happy Meal, however, is different from its predecessor.

“McCrub comes with fries and the McCramble McCrumble McCrumb has the best vegan cheese and it has an extra sauce that’s a mix,” she added.

It is also possible to buy a McCrab on the MacCrambles.

McDonald says that is the best option for people with “heavy appetites” and for people who like to eat a lot of food.

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